is this odd

well this is a new pattern lets try it!

im use to two fronts and two sleeves but not this pattern


make 54 chains yep easy
ok tc er say what 10 mins later discover tc is treble crochet , er always thought that was tr not tc

oh well

ok single crochet and treble crochet yep no problem there

then i hit the crochet wall


here goes

crochet 21 stitches in trebble then then next 2 crochet in single crochet.

erm ok

repeat till row 12

yep ok can do that

at end of row 12. tie off leave long tail

ok your wondering what made me hit the wall and hide under the bed ?


with work facing u ( right side) single crochet 21 for 6 rows

but here s the problem

crochet a chain of 8 at end of the row


yep now ive been crocheting since 1978 ish

ive never hit this add at the end of a row and had two ends which is why im confused. so i guess its single crochet 21 + the additional 8?

erm it looks odd

so i did the next 6 rows of just 29 stitches and fasten off leaving long tail
to sew sleeve

oh !

but the front looks to short far too short

hmmm think i may need to frog this sweater !

so i start the other side counting backward to find the 12 stitch

i have to say this is a strange pattern

but im going to finish it and take a photo before i frog it . i think i messed up.

well i was honest. and still puzzled.

any ideas ? or help please reply ! going to hide now


About Sian Jackson

I love colouring since before the adult colouring got popular . i find it very relaxing and calming. it also helps me with my disabilities as i need to try keep as much movement going as i can. it help me cope with my disability getting worse. and the anger i felt with losing it
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