Which Crochet Hook

i own lots of crochet hooks and believe it or not there are inline hooks and non in line hooks
different hook shapes .

cover soft touch
kint pro waves
susan bates salvilume
susan bates salvilume bamboo
susan bates luxite
susan bates quicksilver
knit pro stypro
lion brand ( not for me cus the indents on the thumb rest both sides of hook)
addi champagne ( addi click)
knook hooks
red heart ( i cant believe im crochet set as my set seems be old not sure if the hooks – grey are luxite or salivilume)

boye pocket beginners guide to crochet

will try my lion brand Hook when i find it.

and vintage mix the one’s my gran gave me i think there plastic
i have green , red and cream , the two blue broke.

which crochet hook make do i seem to use the most well .
clover, susan bates , knit pro and boye.

cant wait to try the susan bates luxite and quicksilver and steelite hooks

depending on project depends on hook!

some hooks i have the number on the thumb rest really digs in your thumb i wish the manufactures would put the numbers and make at end of the hook as its annoying when it makes your thumb hurt.

i find the darcie squeek but no one else can get it to squeak. so i dont use them unless i need a q p or n.

boye hooks in pink case
nice set with the 4.25 crochet hook that is rare .
i some time use these when i need to change my crochet routine as i don’t want to were my Favouite out

i seem to or i did use clover soft touch hooks alot but worried that these will be withdrawn as clover have now brought the amour hooks out.
im allergic to the amour hooks!

but love the case.

areo, milward and twillies are all mettel and areo chochet hooks were what my aunty taught me on.

curtsy are the hooks i brought when learning to crochet with the crochet crowd . the hooks came in a purple case and the second lot were in a cotton roll up case

i have an old uk areo size 8 and a set of mettal hooks i brought 30 years ago for £20 my mum went nuts as a full set of knitting needles cost £10

but i wanted a set of crochet hooks and a ball of wool back then if u crochet you got odd looks if u asked in a shop for a crochet hook!

miss woolworth as that was my main shop for wool and hooks
( were talking before hobbie craft and amazon etc)

i do have some wooden ones but dont use them that much.


this includes crochet sets

i like to get crochet kits some times
and the kits either have plastic or mettle or aluminium hooks

some kits supplie mettel which is how come i have a twillies hook
some supplied plastic . dont no why some plastic doesn’t squeeal.

so i tend to use my own hook but these sets are mostly amid a beginners or persons needing a craft filler

i like the cousin set i got in a shop a few years back

i love the susan bates hooks , boye curtsy and clover soft touch

i have tried a few others
pony easy grip – found they bend and came loose from the cushion handle
pony ( plastic ) would be perfect if the join of the hook didnt stand out

clover amour – im allergic to elastomean only found it mantion on the box
since i orderd on the web i sent em back

only to have a friend buy them for me . so selling them and keeping the case.

really wish manufactures would all sell cases as well so didn’t need by the set just to get the case

when i first got a crochet hook it was grey now u can get them different colours. i like the colours as its easyer to find the hooks

Tunisia crochet hooks

i have tunesia hooks in both colour and grey metal bamboo

i find some bamboo hook are lovely to use
and some are horrible

just wish i could find out who made the nice ones so i could try the crochet hooks out.

there cream / natural in colour with a button end which is bamboo as well
the second brown set has a toggle end
both have plastic running from hook to the end
i have one set of gerneric colour Tunisia hooks and i think they all came from a seller in ebay

there are lots of styles so just try one first


About Sian Jackson

I love colouring since before the adult colouring got popular . i find it very relaxing and calming. it also helps me with my disabilities as i need to try keep as much movement going as i can. it help me cope with my disability getting worse. and the anger i felt with losing it
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