Rds/crps  awareness!

there very little  awareness  about  Rsd/crps

but  it is a very  painful   conditon   

syntoms include:



shining skin 

skin  mottoling    

loss of  movement

numb  of effected  limbs

feeling of pins and  needles

i  have  rsd/crps   i  can tell u  it  hurts   there is no cure ,   as far as  i  no   im the youngest   person to have it.

to carry on    using my  compter  and to help  kick  rsd/crps  in the  butt via  computer  i need to  get

a computer  i can  use with my eyes   its  called   tobii pceye mobile.

this  is  my fundrasing page link


our  target date  is august 2015

with  my  other   disabilities  it  is simalier  to als    

but   mine  is  different  it cimes and  goes   with out  warning    but  im  having  more  als  type attacks  which last longer  and longer

i need  to  stay independent  ,  use the  computer   etc  but  i  cant    use my  computer  which is  my speach aid

so  im  fund  rasing   and  rasing awareness 

please  help by  donating to


will also  add a link  for  rsd/crps    charitys  


About Sian Jackson

I love colouring since before the adult colouring got popular . i find it very relaxing and calming. it also helps me with my disabilities as i need to try keep as much movement going as i can. it help me cope with my disability getting worse. and the anger i felt with losing it
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