eye say   with tobii eyemobile

eye say eye say eyemobile

most of  you have  read  my  blogs    but today i’m  asking  for your help  

i  use a  speech aid  to  talk   to  my family and friends   and  surf the   web   to talk to my friends  on twitter and facebook   . also  email  my family  in the usa.

i draw 

i  can  nolonger  move  enoght to do what i once did   my figers  now  dont  get recognised  by my  current  equipment   . i  now need to buy a new  device.  because i cant  manage  what i have anymore.

the device i need is  called

tobii eyemobile

its a special  computer you  operate with your  eyes.    

also my  carer can still  use  her figers  to  add words  to my voice   soft ware

its  costs £2945.00   + vat   ( uk)   tobii eyemobile 

 or £10585.00  + vat (uk)   tobii   i-12    (  plus   need   eyegaze  module)

both  of  these   let me type  with my eyes.  

but also need software    which  is   from  £220.00   to  £900.00  depending  on  the  software

when  i was  7  years  old  i never  dreamed   i  lose the use  of my  hands  arms  neck   and voice  

but   now  over 30 years  later

im  having to  be  fed  ,  and have everything  done  for me 

ive  managed  to  learn to draw     so  i  do still have a hobbie    and im looking  forward  to  learning  to eyegaze  draw.

time  is  running out    i  would  say  the best  way  to think  of   what my life is like now

is  think of   stephen hawkin 

( he has als  ,  there only  one case  of  als  and  rsd connected  )

i call cp  the  magnet  as im  getting  additions    quiet regualy now.

it makes  the  dr’s   embarrased  to  hear me  joke about  the cp magnet!

please help  me  get  this  new device  before its  to late xx

 in  general   do   as much as  i  still can

i have 

cerabel pulsey ,    ( cant walk  so i use a power wheelchair)

menere’s disease ,  (  worse than vertigo)

restless legs     ( legs  walk at night when im in bed)

esophogeal  dysmotility   ( swollowing   is  almost impossible  as  throat   doesnt work   so on liqud food)

dyphonia     (  27 feb  2015   i lost  my speach  completely)


(  a very painful  condition  that  means  your  in  constant pain and  it burns  the effectied limb stops moving)

Arthritus  ( i have  this everywhere  and   it stops  my movement.)


About Sian Jackson

I love colouring since before the adult colouring got popular . i find it very relaxing and calming. it also helps me with my disabilities as i need to try keep as much movement going as i can. it help me cope with my disability getting worse. and the anger i felt with losing it
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