Welcome to the Crochet Cave

Welcome to the crochet cave ,
this is not a serious website , its meant to be fun!

ive loved crochet since i was seven. when my great aunt , who after much begin , pleading and me talking about the squares she had made . decided to teach me how to crochet

and gave me all the squares too.

by the end of the weeks holiday i’d made a cuddly rabbit
with a yellow dress

thank you auntie betty xxx

then i advanced with the help of the video’s from the crochet crowd.
thank you mikey for this and cathy for helping when i needed a little more help with understanding what i had to do ,

sometimes i needed more hand holding than the group or video could give
and cathy , deb ,beth deb and stacy have been there and mary ann too .

i have shown my partner how to crochet, ( he is visual implied and holds the hook different which makes teaching harder)

my partner borrowed my
stitch and bitch : the happy hooker

which is the best book to learn from , for 3 years

i eventually got the book back 3 months ago. he love it so much
we have 3 copy’s of the book!

lastly my thanks to deb for her help with crochet and finishing projects when i cant or joining in when i underestimate how long the project will take and stoping me for panicking because the end date is to close.

thanks to every one else as well



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