fundraisng appeal

i  now  compleatly   lost   my   voice and  movement   .  it  happen   on  chrismas  day.

so  now  have  no  way  of   letting  anyone  no  what i  need   if there  a problem   etc

so ive  loan  a  Tobii   i -12

which  has  given  me  my  life  back


i can  now   do  things  again


I’ve  taken up painting   something   i couldnt   do before

i  can turn  tv  on  when  i like

open   doors   curtains    tun  the  fan  on   etc

this  is   amazing   for me  as i feel  more  independent

unfortunatly  it  now  has  to be  returned

so  im  askin  for  your  help

please donate

sian’s computer