New Crochet Hooks for christmas

well i lost my lion ( brand) hook thats a size and others .yep

look every where cant do my project with out it.

it was order along with the others in August ! found the size 15. mm today
in my craft tool box.

one question come to mind

how do you lose a hook that and turquoise for that long.
i have no clue either. but it was in my crochet tool box .

now all i need do is find replacements for sizes



and then i want to try extreme crochet

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listening to music while crochet

I listen to

mike nolan cheryl baker jay aston  and  Stephen fox while i crochet.

mike cheryl and jay  are former members  of bucks fizz  with  stephen fox  in the line  up   it  is  wow ,  so crisp.

a few years back  the   orignal four  and  shelley  preston  did  a track  and  i thought that was  good     stephen  has  given that sound  a kick  and its even better

i dont no what  this  line up  has  instore but i really  love it !

I also listen to some  chill out music too  and  it  halps my crochet .

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few technical glitches

still trying to sort the Menu out .

hope to have this fixed soon

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is this odd

well this is a new pattern lets try it!

im use to two fronts and two sleeves but not this pattern


make 54 chains yep easy
ok tc er say what 10 mins later discover tc is treble crochet , er always thought that was tr not tc

oh well

ok single crochet and treble crochet yep no problem there

then i hit the crochet wall


here goes

crochet 21 stitches in trebble then then next 2 crochet in single crochet.

erm ok

repeat till row 12

yep ok can do that

at end of row 12. tie off leave long tail

ok your wondering what made me hit the wall and hide under the bed ?


with work facing u ( right side) single crochet 21 for 6 rows

but here s the problem

crochet a chain of 8 at end of the row


yep now ive been crocheting since 1978 ish

ive never hit this add at the end of a row and had two ends which is why im confused. so i guess its single crochet 21 + the additional 8?

erm it looks odd

so i did the next 6 rows of just 29 stitches and fasten off leaving long tail
to sew sleeve

oh !

but the front looks to short far too short

hmmm think i may need to frog this sweater !

so i start the other side counting backward to find the 12 stitch

i have to say this is a strange pattern

but im going to finish it and take a photo before i frog it . i think i messed up.

well i was honest. and still puzzled.

any ideas ? or help please reply ! going to hide now

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What I’ve made so far

i love to crochet and loom knit so i thought it was time you saw what i could make

there will be links soon once i. have sorted those out

please be patient while i learn the software and put the links page together thank x














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stitch cation with the crochet crowd – update

the crochet crowd is having a summer challege

here is my progress so far!

2 granny squares with 2 more to do
1 pop corn with 3 more 2 do
front post back post 1 with 3 to do

so out of my list of minimum 10 im on 3 but i have been crocheting

the whos in your closet


I’m finding it slow going with this project which was the summer challenge as ive been really ill so im still doing my stitch cation

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Decorate your Crochet

embalish knit

have a prym version of this as well only difference is prym version had a weight with a hook on it which i found didnt work for me

i do use both with the embellish knit clip weight i have got it to work but do suggest someone else reads the instruction leaflet and then tell you to do

thread through hole in the side where the notch is
and push gently down the middle hole in the middle

use plenty of yarn as its best to have a lot
once yarn is out the bottom place clip weight on it as close to the machine
worked best

how to cast on

thread the wool yarn or sewing cotton ( needs be thin) through the hole on the side and over the notch .

2 . wined handle till one needle is opposite the noch
and let yarn catch by hook

wind twice so u have 1 empty hook let hook catch yarn ( should be oppsite e.g. hook 1 and 3 )

turn handle so it pass to next needle but dont put yarn on hook

turn again and let yarn catch thats the first part to casting on

when yarn reaches hook 2 this time it needs to catch .

u may need to pull the weighted end and adjust the weight

turn handle so yarn catches hook 3turn handle and make sure yarn catches hook 4
turn handle and yarn at hook 1 again

cast on part 2 should now be complete and all four hooks now hold yarn the hooks all have flick catches to hold yarn in place.

adjust weight if needed on the yarn hanging out the bottom of the embellish knit .

now just turn the handle,

the prym works the same way except the weight is made different u ether do a loose knot through the weight or tie yarn to the hook on the weight

it does come with yarn which looked to me like 8 ply but i did have trouble so i would use 3 or maybe 4 ply next time.

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