2016 pojects

well   its   been  a   difficult  end  to  2015 . lots of   changes  and  personal stuff


but    I have 3  wips  ( work in progress)

first  is   a  corner to corner   baby  blanket

2nd  is  a  care  bear

and   3rd    is  some  curtain  tie  backs

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help me

without a voice  we have no choice.

without  a voice we get  talk over and ignored

my last device took 6 months minimum to get

but  by the time i got it  i could barely use it

due to  RSD!

i have no alternative  voice  device  when  mine needs fixing

i dont  think its fair

it takes lots of red tape to get a aac device

even now  there is  to much red  tape

it shouldnt be  this hard to   sort  this out

i  just want to enjoy  my  life i dont want to loose whats left of me

but  i cant  offored  £14 k  for a new device

or the  £600  ( ish )  pound  private assessment fee.

i cant  wait  five years   i  cant  type  now

touch screens  dont like my fingers

i cant always move  my body

i talk with my eyes  and  if you dont no me

well  you dont no i’m talking to you.

please dont ignore me !

i help  every charity going  now its my turn  

all i ask is one thing

please help me !



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eye say   with tobii eyemobile

eye say eye say eyemobile

most of  you have  read  my  blogs    but today i’m  asking  for your help  

i  use a  speech aid  to  talk   to  my family and friends   and  surf the   web   to talk to my friends  on twitter and facebook   . also  email  my family  in the usa.

i draw 

i  can  nolonger  move  enoght to do what i once did   my figers  now  dont  get recognised  by my  current  equipment   . i  now need to buy a new  device.  because i cant  manage  what i have anymore.

the device i need is  called

tobii eyemobile

its a special  computer you  operate with your  eyes.    

also my  carer can still  use  her figers  to  add words  to my voice   soft ware

its  costs £2945.00   + vat   ( uk)   tobii eyemobile 

 or £10585.00  + vat (uk)   tobii   i-12    (  plus   need   eyegaze  module)

both  of  these   let me type  with my eyes.  

but also need software    which  is   from  £220.00   to  £900.00  depending  on  the  software

when  i was  7  years  old  i never  dreamed   i  lose the use  of my  hands  arms  neck   and voice  

but   now  over 30 years  later

im  having to  be  fed  ,  and have everything  done  for me 

ive  managed  to  learn to draw     so  i  do still have a hobbie    and im looking  forward  to  learning  to eyegaze  draw.

time  is  running out    i  would  say  the best  way  to think  of   what my life is like now

is  think of   stephen hawkin 

( he has als  ,  there only  one case  of  als  and  rsd connected  )

i call cp  the  magnet  as im  getting  additions    quiet regualy now.

it makes  the  dr’s   embarrased  to  hear me  joke about  the cp magnet!

please help  me  get  this  new device  before its  to late xx

 in  general   do   as much as  i  still can

i have 

cerabel pulsey ,    ( cant walk  so i use a power wheelchair)

menere’s disease ,  (  worse than vertigo)

restless legs     ( legs  walk at night when im in bed)

esophogeal  dysmotility   ( swollowing   is  almost impossible  as  throat   doesnt work   so on liqud food)

dyphonia     (  27 feb  2015   i lost  my speach  completely)


(  a very painful  condition  that  means  your  in  constant pain and  it burns  the effectied limb stops moving)

Arthritus  ( i have  this everywhere  and   it stops  my movement.)

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Rds/crps  awareness!

there very little  awareness  about  Rsd/crps

but  it is a very  painful   conditon   

syntoms include:



shining skin 

skin  mottoling    

loss of  movement

numb  of effected  limbs

feeling of pins and  needles

i  have  rsd/crps   i  can tell u  it  hurts   there is no cure ,   as far as  i  no   im the youngest   person to have it.

to carry on    using my  compter  and to help  kick  rsd/crps  in the  butt via  computer  i need to  get

a computer  i can  use with my eyes   its  called   tobii pceye mobile.

this  is  my fundrasing page link


our  target date  is august 2015

with  my  other   disabilities  it  is simalier  to als    

but   mine  is  different  it cimes and  goes   with out  warning    but  im  having  more  als  type attacks  which last longer  and longer

i need  to  stay independent  ,  use the  computer   etc  but  i  cant    use my  computer  which is  my speach aid

so  im  fund  rasing   and  rasing awareness 

please  help by  donating to


will also  add a link  for  rsd/crps    charitys  

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I’m learning to knit

ok this is my new challenge , im learning to knit ( under dr’s orders )

I’m leaning with the help of my friends
each square for the blanket
i am uploading to my face book page and

The art of Knitting Facebook page

and will upload the squares here too

so here goes

issue 1


issue 1 square 2


issue 2

photo coming soon

must admit this is helping my arthritis more than i thought .

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hooks yarn back the clock!

it cold but your sitting by the fire crochet hook in hand and about to start that project you were wanting do for your self like for ever.

theres a knock on the door

but your not expecting any one

what do u do

u only have a hook band a very small ball of wool u cant buy any more

you eventually go to the door but no one is there

there is a parcel on the step

and a note

u pick them both up and place the hook and the note in ur pocket.

u sit by the fire again take the note and hook out ur pocket

dear friend , have a wonderful day
enjoy ur gifts

love the yarn fairy xx

the parcel contains every colour of yarn avalible and the some u didn’t no about

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Happy New Year and my new project

Happy New Year

to all our  readers.

my 8. new  years  craft resaloution are

1. Make something for me

2. finally be able to crochet a picture

3. find  crochet hooks  that suit  my  needs  now.

4. sort craft room  so its nice and chilled

5. Finish  my  projects

6.   make   a blanket

7. use   up some wool  before  buying more

8 finish  current  project

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